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Why join a Georgia Tech Fraternity ?

The Greek Life at Georgia Tech is continually honored to accept national Greek Affiliation awards each year. With such great Greek Life, it is no wonder that roughly 25% of all GT undergraduates are in a Greek organization. 


The Greek freshman retention rate is annually higher than the non-Greek freshman retention rate meaning joining a Fraternity increases your chance of returning to Georgia Tech for your second year and every year afterwards.


The Greek graduation rate is also higher than the non-Greek graduation rate. That is the main goal of coming to Tech, to graduate with a great degree. Afterwards, the networking joining a Fraternity provides often can lead to a full time job right after college and thereafter.


While Greek alumni at Georgia Tech make up only 23% of Tech's alumni population, 48% of the major donors are Greek. What this shows is students who join a Fraternity are more satisfied with their undergraduate experience than those who do not join a Greek organization. That is a fact backed up by many national studies.

Why join Georgia Tech

Delta Tau Delta ?

Delta Tau Delta has had a strong presence on campus since 1921. Since 1921, we have remained the oldest Fraternity on campus to never have been kicked off campus. Because of that, we have the closest house to the academic buildings and have the pleasure of having the second largest lot on campus. Furthermore, we own our property and have completely paid off the loans used to build the house. What that means is all rent collected goes right back into improvements for the house which can be seen in the the recent renovations of the house including the front patio and the hidden bar renovation. 

Recently, Delta Tau Delta Gamma Psi has embedded itself as a leader on campus with many accolades such as annually raising the most money towards Relay for Life, Top 10 finishes in Greek Week and the money raised towards JDRF from our annual JDRF Week. This past fall we honored a veteran, John Bell, who was a Purple Heart recipient and an old Delt who was also a ROTC instructor here at Georgia Tech. 

Nationally, Delta Tau Delta is unique as to how we have a national program called the Road Program. This allows us to push for Lives of Excellence, our motto. The Road Program is learning for both new members and full members where we set out to teach and learn what we need to succeed in life after graduation. With this program and our networking, it is no wonder our recent graduates have moved on to work for Deloitte, McKinsey and Company, Lockheed Martin, Phillips 66, Anheuser Busch, and Space-X among many other great companies. 

If you want to be the best person you can be, come rush Delta Tau Delta and follow the path of well over a thousand before you and meet your best friends for the rest of your life.

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