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A Message to Our Alumni


First off, thank you for visiting our undergraduate website. It is through your support that we thrive today. We are currently trying to reach out to alumni and have our alumni reconnect with the undergraduate chapter. This starts out with the help of other Alumni such as Zachary Johnson, who was the recipient of the 2012 Gamma Psi Alumni of the Year award. Through our alumni support, we have been able to update and renovate the House. The front yard is a major site of improvement where a new patio was built in 2011 and we are currently adding even more with a new Iris garden. Every Alumni’s favorite portion of the house, the hidden bar, is also seeing upgrades and improvements. New wood floors were installed this fall with new seating and a new TV on the way.  The office attached to the hidden bar is also being renovated with a new ceiling and floor so it can once again be used as an office in the future. None of this could have been completed without our alumni support. We hope to see all of our alumni this upcoming fall at the House during game days and during our upcoming alumni events.

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